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  • Married to a US citizen or resident?

  • Parent to a citizen over the age of 21?

       We can help you get your work permit in 6                    to 8 months.

  • Residence in 2½ years!

  • Everything without leaving the United States.

  • Dedicated to results.

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Abogada Meneses

Founder and Lead Attorney

We have helped hundreds of people with their immigration case.

Dedicated to getting you the results you need.

We're rated Excellent.


4.7 out of 5 based on 46 reviews

Congratulations on taking the initial steps into your immigration case and ultimately the American Dream!

Your immigration case is so important to us. With Meneses Law, rest assured you can feel comfortable, safe, and confident knowing that your case is in the best hands.


Abogada Meneses

Founder and Lead Attorney

Getting your work permit doesn't have to be complicated. Our lawyers at Meneses Law can make the process simple. We can guarantee to get your work permit within 6-8 months.

Don't Believe Us?

Check out what the people we've helped have to say:

U.S. Visa Bulletin

Understand how Visas work and the number of quotas per year is important. Feel free to contact us to see where you fall along the process.

Application Status Check

Once we have submitted your application, you can follow along with your application status check. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the status of your application.

Check Processing Times

Feel Free to check the standard processing time for your type of application. Contact us to help you with speeding up the process of your application and any options.


Gaining access to residency can be a convoluted process. However, we can get you residency within 2½ years.

Work Permit

A work permit can be granted in as little of 6-8 months! At Meneses Law, we work fast  and are dedicated to getting you a permit in as little time as possible.

This Is Our Specialty


U.S. Immigration Law provides three different visas for victims of crimes who want to stay in or come to the U.S.: U-Visa, VAWA Visa, and T-Visa.

We understand the sensitivity of these cases. Please contact us if you have been a victim of a crime as we can help legalize your status.


If you have been living in the U.S. as a lawful permanent citizen and are ready to pursue obtaining citizenship, we can help you take this exciting next step. We can save you valuable time, effort and expense in preparing your application and making sure it’s free from costly errors.

Know Before You Go

Here are some helpful

tips to follow to help

with your immigration case.


Important Tips To Follow

Never go to a notary public for legal advice

Consult with a US attorney who is licensed to practice law and practices immigration law. Notary Publics are not licensed to provide legal advice and cannot represent you before the US Government.

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Write down all your questions before your consultation

Have all your questions and concerns ready to discuss them with us. We are here to help you understand and have a full picture of your immigration case.

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Gather your personal documents

Save and gather all your documents for your immigration case. As your attorney, we will be requesting them in order to prove your case.

Stay in communication

Stay in communication with your attorney. We like to contact our clients for updates on their case and to answer any questions that may come up along the way. Follow us on Social Media to stay update on the latest changes on immigration law.

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