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Working at Meneses Law

What unites Meneses Law employees is that we are all striving to help customers and make their lives easier.

At Meneses Law, you’ll have the opportunity to work with great people, tackle big challenges and make a real impact.

Building a welcoming workplace

Our firm currently has a well-trained, efficient, and caring team. Keeping our team limited to 40 hours a week gives us time to spend on ourselves after work.


We offer a range of benefits that support you, including health and dental insurance. Keeping our employees healthy and safe is our top priority.

Learn New Skills

We value employees with new skills so they can have access in-demand skills. We have tightly-created systems that we continue to hone in order to improve, and we expect everyone to work within them.

Paid Time Off

Generous paid time off is granted at Meneses Law. We also have leave programs so that you can take the time you need to care for yourself or your family when you need it.

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